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South Arabia Federation (1963-1966)
A complete list (1963-1966) of Federation of South Arabia stamps.

 All listed items are mint, never hinged (unmounted).
Catalog numbers are from the
2017 Scott catalog with updating from the Scott Stamp Monthly.  Stanley Gibbons numbers are from the 2002 Stanley Gibbons British Commonwealth.
  Dashes ( --- ) are used instead of a catalog number if the item is not listed in the Scott or S.G. catalog.  Catalog numbers in brackets "( )" indicate a variety of that stamp number.  A blank space indicates that the catalog number is not yet assigned.
  Part sets and singles are offered due to different criteria used by the catalog editors for listing a set. This occurs frequently when  issues are released over a period of months or years  (e.g. definitive sets) and the catalog combines the parts into one set. 
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Price List & Inventory Updated
November 2, 2016  

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Scott #         SG #              Year  Description                                            Price  
1-2              1-2              1963  Red Cross                                               1.10  
3-16             3-16             1965  Defs - 5f-1d (14v)                                     32.65  
17-18            17-18            1965  ICY                                                     1.05  
19-22            19-22            1966  W.Churchill                                             2.55  
23-24            23-24            1966  World Cup Soccer                                        1.60  
25-26            25-26            1966  WHO                                                     1.85  
27-29            27-28            1966  UNESCO                                                  5.10  

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