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Northern Rhodesia (1946-1964)
A complete list (1946-1964) of Northern Rhodesia mint postage stamps and booklets.

 All listed items are mint, never hinged (unmounted).
  Catalog numbers are from the 201
5 Scott catalog with updating from the Linn's Stamp News (Scott New Issue Update) Monthly.  Stanley Gibbons numbers are from the 2002 British Commonwealth catalog with   updates from the Gibbons Stamp Monthly.
  Dashes ( --- ) are used instead of a catalog number if the item is not listed in the Scott or S.G. catalog.  Catalog numbers in brackets "( )" indicate a variety of that stamp number.  A blank space indicates that the catalog number is not yet assigned.
  Part sets and singles are offered due to different criteria used by the catalog editors for listing a set. This occurs frequently when  issues are released over a period of months or years  (e.g. definitive sets) and the catalog combines the parts into one set. 
  Prices quoted are our selling prices subject to stock availability.  
  Items without a price are not in stock frequently.
To check the current "LIVE" inventory use our ONLINE CATALOG & SHOPPING CART which is updated as items are added or sold. All listed items are mint, never hinged (unmounted).

Price List & Inventory Updated
November 10,  2014  

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Scott #        SG #         Year  Description                                          Price
 46-47         46-47         1946  Peace/Victory                                         1.00  
 46a           46a           1946  Peace/Victory - 1.5d (p.13.5)                        14.10  
 48-49         48-49         1948  Silver Wedding                                       93.50  
 50-53         50-53         1949  UPU                                                   4.75  
 54-58         54-58         1953  C.Rhodes Centenary                                    3.25  
 59            59            1953  Rhodes Exhibition                                      .70  
 60            60            1953  QEII Coronation                                        .70  
 61-74         61-74         1953  Defs - 1/2d-20sh (14v)                               79.90  
 75-88         75-88         1963  Defs/Arms - 1/2d-20sh (14v)                          56.60  

                                 --- POSTAGE DUE ISSUES ---                              
 J5-J10        D5-D10        1964  Postage Dues - 1d-1sh (6v)                           30.90  

                                 --- BOOKLETS ---                                        
 --            SB1           1964  Bklt - 1s. blue cover (stitched)                     30.20  

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