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Stanley Lisica is a provider of mint, never hinged (unmounted) postage stamps issued since 1946 by Great Britain and the countries or regions of the British Commonwealth.

Our stock has been offered to the collector since 1964 at stamp shows, by mail and on the internet.

There are two ways the stamp collector can access information:

Print a comprehensive price list/check list for a specific country or region. Besides stamps, items included are varieties, souvenir sheets (miniature sheets), and booklets issued since 1946. Updating of each country is done as new editions of the Scott or Stanley Gibbons catalogs are released.

Check on the current stock status of items, place an order, add items to a want list or search for specific items.
Use one of three search methods:

ONE ==
SEARCH BOX (at the top left corner of this or any page).
By entering a keyword (e.g. Christmas) and clicking on SEARCH, the resulting display will be of all items that have the word "Christmas" in the description.
More help information is available by clicking on KEYWORD link under HOW TO SEARCH.

TWO ==
ADVANCED SEARCH (at the top left of this or any page).
A new page will open and give options for searching that include year, specific catalog number (Scott or Stanley Gibbons), country and topic or any combination of these.
More help information is available by clicking on ADVANCED SEARCH link under HOW TO SEARCH.

BROWSE BY COUNTRY (at the top left of this or any page).
A new page will open and display an alphabetical list of all countries/areas currently available. To display all items for the country/region of your choice, click on the country name.
More help information is available by clicking on BROWSE BY COUNTRY link under HOW TO SEARCH.

The result list for all searches will display the following information: country/area, Scott number, Stanley Gibbons number (where available), year of issue, description, price, stock status, BUY button or WANT LIST button.

The display order is in alphabetical order by country/area and Scott catalog number. Each page has 25 items. You can browse through the display results by clicking NEXT at the bottom of the page.
The display results can be resorted using the drop down menu (right side of the page) by Stanley Gibbons numbers or by year of issue. A final option also exists to show only items in stock.

If you wish to purchase items, click on the BUY button and it will be added to your cart. The total of your purchases will be displayed at the left side of the page. Purchases are not final until you click CHECK OUT button on the CART. You can modify cart contents as well as quantities at check out time.

If you wish to create a WANT LIST/STOCK NOTIFICATION file then click on the WANT LIST button. For full details of this service, click the WANT LIST link on the left side of this page.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: online with secure server, mail, fax or Paypal. Click on the SHIPPING link on the left side of the page for details.

Thank you for visiting and you may contact us at any time if you have any questions.

We are a dealer member of the AMERICAN PHILATELIC SOCIETY.

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